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How are you? Have you recovered from the shock or are you still in the middle of it? It's hard to say, because every day is very different. So much is happening in such a short time that it is hard to comprehend. As promised, with Happlify we try to think differently about the situation we are in now. Not by giving it a forced positive spin, but by discovering the bright spots where it is dark.

So here are five things for you that make life a little brighter, if only for a moment. Do you also want to share something? Then email us.

Support Your Locals

To ensure that food producers, who normally supply the catering industry, do not fall over, Miljuschka Witzenhausen and a group of others came up with Support Your Locals . This organization puts together shopping packages, filled with locally produced ingredients. This allows local producers to keep their heads above water. In his own words, Miljuschka does not earn anything from it. Read more here at supportlocals.nl .

A family portrait forever

Studio Urf & Ogel illustrates commissioned family portraits. Now that we can't meet our family very easily for a long time, this is definitely something to consider. As a sweet initiative, Cindy came up with the idea that she can also provide a smartphone background for anyone who has had a portrait made. That way your dear family is close by. Contact Urf & ogel for more information and/or Cindy here on Instagram as well.

Do you remember this time (together) at home

Home is where your heart is. At home you feel safe and protected, especially now in this uncertain time. It's the place where you can be yourself. Carry a 'Sweet Homie' close to you to remind yourself of this special time. The time in which we rediscover how precious life is. Order your small Scandinavian lucky pendant here at Applepiepieces . Can also be sent as a gift!

Free learning to knit for kids

Knitting is very good for your fine motor skills, it helps you concentrate and you make something beautiful that you can keep or give to someone as a gift. Mirjam Molenbeek therefore devised the Instagram knitting course for children. For nothing! You can start with whatever you have at home. But this knitting kit contains everything you need to learn to knit (better) using the video tutorials, here on IGTV . The videos are suitable for children from grades 4 to 8.

Make hearts for under the belt

How nice is it when you can let someone know that you are thinking of them during a difficult time? Put a heart to someone because it is so much needed? At Melon & me you can now download free embroidery patterns of small pendants to be embroidered. Embroider a heart for that sweet neighbor who works so hard in the hospital. Or send one to your old grandma now that you can't visit her. Here you will find the downloads .

Do you also like to inspire others? Do you want to write or visualize about finding happiness in small, simple or logical things? Or about your favorite Netflix series that makes you super happy? click here

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