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Are you, like me, a restless sleeper? Do you often find yourself tossing and turning before going to sleep or do you wake up during the night and find it difficult to fall asleep afterwards? I have experience with this and I would like to share my 5 tips that helped me get a healthy night's sleep. Hopefully these perhaps somewhat unusual sleeping tips will help you too!

Tips for a quiet night

After 8 hours, dim the lights, stop looking at your phone and don't drink coffee in the evening. We all know those tips now. But even after following all these measures, restless sleepers still have difficulty falling asleep or wake up often during the night. This can have several reasons, such as main number 1: stress. People with ADD and ADHD will also recognize these sleep problems. You might benefit from adding these 5 things to your sleep ritual for a healthy night's sleep.

Salt lamp

Heavy blanket

Since sleeping under a weighted blanket, my nights have been so much calmer. I fall asleep faster and wake up less often during the night. Sleeping under a heavy blanket may take some getting used to, but I really don't want anything else! It really gives a feeling of security. You can read more about my experience with a weighted blanket here.



Maybe you kept a diary as a child. About your new crush or that annoying teacher. But there are also great diaries and fill-in books for adults. You don't have to write long stories. The trick is to go through the day with the help of a number of questions and ask yourself what went well and what didn't go well that day. In addition to a gratitude journal, I also have a self-reflection question book on my bedside table. I don't write in both every night, but I alternate between them. A nice me-time moment before going to bed. 

TIP : take a look at the books category, there you will find a preview of a book in which you note every week what made you happy #sneakpeek 🍳

Nail mat

Nail mat

When I tell people about my nail mat, they are a bit shocked. But unlike what you often read in fairy tales, a nail mat is not a slat with nails for fakirs, but rather a thin mattress with pressure points. You can completely relax through acupressure. It also works great for headaches and muscle pain. I combine a nail mat session with a short meditation . Just some soothing music in the background and paying attention to my breathing works wonders. I often fall asleep afterwards like a log. SWILIX® Nail Mat - €29.95


Meditation is not vague at all. I often do it in bed, as mentioned above on my nail mat, but also without it. I apply certain breathing exercises that I learned during a meditation course so that I can completely clear my head. Especially after a busy day at work or after a stressful event, this can really help me relax. Since I do my meditations on my nail mat, I also have much less nightmares. Very nice!

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Mosquito net

There is an XL mosquito net around our bed. Very handy because it keeps unwanted guests such as spiders and mosquitoes at bay, which is of course a soothing thought. But I also like it very much because our bed tent gives a safe feeling. And because it is made of organic cotton, it does not quickly become stuffy, as with plastic versions. Highly recommended!

You can get a nice double mosquito net for less than €30. TravelMore - €29.99

Are you or were you also a difficult sleeper? Nice to exchange experiences and tips so that we can help each other! You can find more self-care tips on my blog.

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