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If you have children, you probably know that they are included in your or your partner's health insurance until their 18th birthday. Once they are legally adults, they must insure themselves against medical expenses. Because it is the first time that your child takes out health insurance, you want to protect him from making the wrong choice. That's why you come to the rescue. In that case, the following 4 tips will certainly come in handy, because they will help you find the best health insurance for your child. Especially if you cannot choose from the different types of health insurance: reimbursement policy, combination policy, in-kind policy and budget policy. Your child happy, you happy, right?!

Identify the care needs

There is a wide choice of health insurance. But rest assured, choosing health insurance does not have to be difficult. Explore it together with your child.

To prevent your child from choosing health insurance that is not the best, first identify his or her care needs. Preferably do this together with your child, because children often do not know exactly what they should and should not insure themselves for. Once you know what your healthcare needs are, you can start looking for health insurance that meets your needs.

Determine the best coverage

Just as with health insurance for adults, you must also choose coverage for health insurance for young people . But yes, what is the best coverage for your child? This is best determined based on the care needs. If your child needs little or no care, basic coverage is sufficient in most cases. Does your child have bad teeth? Or does he practice a sport where there is a high risk of injury? Then it may be interesting to take out additional insurance for the dentist and/or physiotherapy. This will make his health insurance more expensive, but your child will also be better insured. You can often also take out a prevention program with additional insurance, which could be something like a discount on a gym membership, for example. Prevention programs are there to keep your health optimal for the future. This way you can work with your health insurer to see how you can prevent additional care in the future in a fun way.

Take the deductible into account

Everyone who takes out health insurance is faced with a deductible. In the Netherlands, a mandatory deductible of 385 euros applies (2024). The amount is determined annually by the government . In addition to the mandatory deductible, there is also a voluntary deductible. This is set at 0 euros by default, but can be increased to a maximum of 500 euros. With a higher deductible, your child will pay a larger amount of the costs if he or she needs care. In return, he will receive a discount on the premium. Because young people often require little care, it may be interesting to increase the voluntary deductible. What is also very useful is that the premium is often equal to or even lower than the healthcare allowance. This is very useful for students who have to live on less money.

Make a comparison

To find the best health insurance for your child, you cannot avoid making a comparison. Don't just focus on the price, but also see whether an insurer offers specific programs. For example, at Just.nl you can take out special health insurance for young people. This means your child does not take out unnecessarily expensive packages, but is only insured for what is really necessary.

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