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365 days of Valentine's Day

  • 3 min read

Imagine it's February 14 and you haven't done anything about Valentine's Day. You haven't bought a box of chocolates, you haven't had a bunch of roses delivered as a surprise, you haven't even sent your sweetheart a card yet.

Because well, he always shouts that the whole Valentine's thing is just trite commercial hassle, from which companies earn a lot. In the evening you get into a big fight because you were under the impression that you were not doing anything about it, but your partner apparently had unspoken expectations. Gone is the romance.

But why put so much pressure on that one day in February when you have the chance to do fun things for and with your loved one all year round?! Yes, it is of course also very nice to receive a present on Valentine's Day, but isn't it more fun to surprise your sweetheart all year round? Much more fun right!

To help you on your way, I have a number of tips for you that you can apply all year round and that are also budget-friendly. This way you can always do something nice for your partner and you will never again suffer from angry looks or someone who sighs next to you because you have not done anything romantic again.

Tip 1 - Hide small notes everywhere

How nice is it when you are at work and suddenly you find in your agenda a note from your loved one with a sweet message on it?! Or if you open a kitchen cupboard and there is a nice message on the jar of Nutella. These don't have to be very elaborate love letters (we'll get to that later 😉) but a simple post-it with 'you are the most beautiful' is enough. And don't be too stingy with them, the more places you hide them the better!

At Evdavybottles you can order these nice bottles, they can even contain a small photo with a custom note and packed super nice!
Photo in bottle thumbnail

Tip 2 - Craft your gift

No one will deny that getting a beautiful piece of jewelry is one of the nicest things. But getting a gift that you know someone really put in the effort and made just for you might be even more fun. So go wild and let your creativity run wild. You will find plenty of DIY ideas on Pinterest . There is bound to be something that will make your loved one very happy.

Make this cheerful heart garland with the free origami DIY download from Roppongi.
Heart garland DIY origami

Tip 3 - Go out together

In our chaotic lives, quality time with your loved one often gets lost. A quick kiss before you go to work or a quick dinner together in the evening before heading back to the gym or an outing with your girlfriends. Before you know it, the grind is over.
So go out together every now and then. For example, take a city walk where you go get something delicious at your favorite bakery. And in the meantime try to start the conversation with each other again. What keeps your partner busy, do you still share the same dreams? This way you get to know each other even better and you can avoid living too much past each other.

And of course, going out physically is not always necessary. Take a spontaneous day off and stay in bed together all day.

Valentine's Day 2022

Tip 4 - Write a handwritten letter

There is nothing more romantic than receiving a handwritten love letter. Full of gooey clichés and so very sweet that the enamel spontaneously jumps off your teeth. So unleash your inner Shakespeare and write like you've never written before!

Do you really want to make it work? Then watch this video on how to write a real Victorian letter.

Tip 5 - Bring breakfast in bed

What could be nicer than waking up with a delicious breakfast next to you? So surprise your sweetheart every now and then spontaneously with breakfast in bed. And then dive back under the covers yourself and snuggle up against each other for a while.

With these tips you should be able to surprise your loved one at unexpected moments. This way you can make a good turn all year round and the love will splash off completely!

Breakfast on bed

Author - Rinske Claus van crazy goat
Rinske is the brain behind the super cool webshop Gekkiggeit (gives humor to your interior!). She makes a modern version of the good old tile wisdom with a funny twist. She also likes to cuddle with her cat and she loves pizza .

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