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10 things you didn't know about purple

  • 3 min read

Color around you makes you happy, that's why we like to talk about color here. This time it's about purple, the color of transformation and intuition. Purple exudes wealth, mystery and magic and it is also the color of mourning, royalty and religion. We especially like purple. Very occasionally the sky turns a perfect purple when the sun is setting and that always has something very special. There is quite a lot to tell about purple, here are 10 things you probably didn't know.

1 - Purple Shop

It exists, a store (and webshop) where you can only buy purple products. The shop PURPLEologist is located in the state of South Carolina USA. Where else?! From jewelry to umbrellas, clothing, glasses and even a purple Christmas tree full of purple Christmas decorations of course. Have you ever been near North Myrtle Beach and love purple? go for it!


2 - Purple eyes are extremely rare

If you ever spot purple eyes, those are colored lenses or, like here, a Photoshop filter. Violet or purple eyes are very rare; only people with albinism can have that color eyes. There is an online myth called Alexandria's Genesis . People with this genetic mutation are said to have purple eyes. But that whole myth has been debunked and therefore not true.

purple eyes cat

3 - Purple Day (March 26)

Purple Day was founded in 2008 by Cassidy Megan of Nova Scotia, Canada. Purple Day is celebrated on March 26 and was created to raise awareness about epilepsy.

4 - Carrots used to be purple

There are many theories about how and why most carrots are now orange. As far as we can determine, we Dutch are to blame for this. As the story goes, in the 17th century, especially in honor of William of Orange, Dutch farmers began crossing their carrots until they were orange.

Purple carrots

5 - The psychology of purple

Purple is a combination of the power and energy of red with the integrity and truth of blue. It is the color preferred by those seeking connection to a higher realm, the universe and beyond. It is the color we associate with spiritual awareness and reflection. Therefore, it is preferred by those who follow a spiritual calling and the search for a higher truth.

6 - Porphyrophobia is fear of the color purple

The fear of purple is real. As explained on, "the fear of almost every color is linked to negative associations. The fear can develop as a result of observation or personal experience, but it often goes back to a conscious or unconscious, but very negative association between the color purple and something that left a lasting negative impression.”

mouse in purple tulip

7 - There is only one nation with purple in the flag: Dominica

Most flags have colors such as red, blue, white, black or green. However, there is only one nation whose flag has a bit of purple and that is Dominica. Their flag shows a parrot with purple chest and head.

8 - Royal Purple

Because purple dye was so hard to come by and expensive to produce, the Romans declared purple a status symbol. Julius Caesar decreed that no one else should wear it but himself. Elizabeth I wore purple to her coronation banquet in 1559, and when she died in 1603, her coffin was draped in purple velvet. Since this time, purple has become the color of royalty in the west.

purple paint

9 - Favorite purple

Do you like purple? Then you are not alone. Samuel L. Jackson said he would only play Mace Windu in Star Wars if he had a purple lightsaber.

Mace Windu

10 - Purple rain

The most famous song ever with the color purple is of course Purple rain by Prince. The 1984 film Purple Rain won an Oscar for Best Original Song Score. But what does that mean: purple rain? Prince felt that the color purple symbolized the end of the world. For him, the song Purple Rain was about finding divine guidance during Armageddon.

Do you want to say something about purple? Tell!

Mariko Naber

Author - Mariko Naber
Mariko is the happy brain behind Happlify. Together with partner Mark she runs Sell your stuff online, branding agency Loaded ink BNO and Atelier Naber . She loves feel good, random acts of kindness, meatballs, chocolate mousse, family time, zee, piña colada, sugar & spice and everything nice 💜 - -

2 Responses



March 24, 2022

Hoiii, ik word ook altijd heel blij van paars, ik denk ook vaak aan paarse krokusjes…



March 24, 2022

Kim Taehyung (V van BTS) gaf ook een nieuwe betekenis aan het woord paars. Hij zei "Purple is the last color of the rainbow so it means I will trust and love you for a long time. Purple means love, trust and loyalty. So technically if someone tells you “I purple you”, that someone is saying “I’ll trust you, love you, support you, and be loyal to you until my last breath”. "
Meteen daarna zei hij dat hij dit ter plekke had verzonnen, maar sindsdien bestaat de uitdrukking “I purple you!” in het Koreaans “Borahae”

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