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Video interview with Moniek van der Hoorn from Studio Lanterfant

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The third interview is here! This time I had a nice conversation with Moniek van der Hoorn from Studio Lanterfant . She hasn't been around that long, 1.5 years to be exact, but with her carefully designed jewelry she goes like a firefighter!

Now that we shop online more and more, it is nice to know who is hiding behind all those unique webshops. It is therefore the intention that you will see an interview more often. Do you have any suggestions? let me know .

Studio Lanterfant

And now: Studio Lanterfant. Who is that, how did she start, what makes her very happy and what cheerful products does she sell? You see and hear it here.

The aforementioned earrings in a row

The products mentioned in the video can of course be found at . Each and every one of these cheerful sets of earrings that immediately make every look a bit chic. Meet Juul, Jet, Mien and Bep...

Happlify on YouTube

Did you like this? Be sure to subscribe to it Happly YouTube channel . There is still so much fun planned! Tell us, which webshop owner would you like to see interviewed?

Mariko Naber

Author - Mariko Naber
Mariko is the happy brain behind Happlify. Together with partner Mark she runs Sell your stuff online, branding agency Loaded ink BNO and Atelier Naber . She loves feel good, random acts of kindness, meatballs, chocolate mousse, family time, zee, piña colada, sugar & spice and everything nice 💛

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