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DIY Halloween Fingerprint Art - You have it all!

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Halloween is coming! Are you celebrating? Halloween is a holiday that carries many memories for me. As a little girl I lived abroad where Halloween was celebrated. Dressed as a pumpkin, witch or ghost I went around the houses to fill my bag with candy.

In the Netherlands, this eerie tradition is starting to trickle in more and more. Although it is not really celebrated in our hometown, we do enjoy making Halloween crafts. So the boys and I made these cards with Halloween images. Have fun with paint and then draw!

But… what exactly is Halloween? 

Halloween is a corruption of the English 'All-Hallow-Even', which means All Saints' Eve. Thousands of years ago, the Celts (Ireland) celebrated New Year's Eve on October 31. They believed that on November 1, the spirits of the deceased returned to Earth to seek warmth and food. The Celts placed something sweet in front of their door the night before. They believed that if the spirits found something to eat, they would leave them alone and even bless them. Those who did not put food at the door were cursed. The festival was brought to America by Irish immigrants in the 19th century, where it is still widely celebrated today.Children dress up as something scary and when it gets dark ring or knock on the houses. When a neighbor opens the door they shout "Trick or Treat". They actually say: “money or your life.” You have to choose: give a teasing (trick) or something tasty (treat). 

Whether or not you participate in this tradition. These Halloween cards are a lot of fun to make and… I make sure you have everything you need. 

What do you need?

  • (kraft) Cards or cardboard
  • Paint or stamping ink
  • black pen

This is how you make them

  1. Put some paint or stamping ink on your fingertip and stamp it on a card / piece of cardboard. Drink a glass of lemonade or a cup of tea while letting the paint dry thoroughly.
    The colors we use are: white for the ghosts, green for the monsters, light green for the witches and orange for the pumpkins. 

  1. Draw figures on the fingerprints with a black pen. We have found that a Sharpie (waterproof pen) works best.
    You can make the card even more fun by adding “Boo!” write it on with beautiful letters or use a stamp with a nice text. 


And that's it! It's that simple to make these adorable cards. It is not only fun for the kids but also for adults. 

If you've got the hang of it and are going to hand out candy on the 31st, you can also make these Halloween prints on small candy bags. 

Tip: Don't have any paint or stamping ink at home? Then you can color your fingertip with a felt-tip pen and then make an impression on paper. 

Happy Halloween!
Love from Fleur

Love from Fleur

Fleur van Liefsvanfleur
Fleur is a photographer specializing in branding shoots for creative female entrepreneurs who want to sell their products (better). In addition, you will regularly find super fun DIY projects on her blog and Instagram (of course beautifully photographed). You can find her under the name Liefs van Fleur .

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