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World dream day (25 Sep) - 5 Fun facts about dreams

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Did you know that there is a special day for dreams? World Dream Day is on September 25 and this year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the day. Dreams are a mysterious subject and scientists still haven't quite understood what they are or why we have them. But there are some fun facts about dreams that you probably didn't know. Because there is nothing better than a good night's sleep and good dreams when it gets dark and bleak outside.

1. We all dream

Whether we realize it or not. There are all kinds of dreams: some people dream in color, others in black and white. Some dreams are bright and vivid, while others are more abstract and incomprehensible. But we all dream, about 2 hours a night.

2. Dreams make you stay asleep

Dreams can prevent you from being woken up from your sleep. When you are dreaming, your body is in a deep sleep and it is difficult to wake you up. This is why it's so hard to wake up someone who is dreaming - their body is in a deep sleep and it's hard to wake them up.

3. To predict dreams

Some people think dreams can predict the future, but scientists aren't quite there yet. Some people claim that they have had dreams about future events, but there is no proof yet that this is actually possible.

4. Dreams can help solve problems

Scientists think that dreams help us to solve problems unconsciously. While sleeping, our brain unconsciously makes connections between different ideas and solutions. Sometimes we can dream the solutions to our problems before we consciously realize them.

5. Dreams can be changed

When you have a nightmare, sometimes you can wake up and change its ending. This is because our brain cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy when we are dreaming. This can be a little scary at times, but it's also nice to know that we have the power to change our dreams.

Do you know a fun fact about dreams? Let us know in the comments!

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