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Studio Bieba

Studio Library - Bilitis Nieuwenhuijsen

This is Bilitis and most people call her Bieb. She is happily married, proud mother of three and a teacher. At school the children call her the 'happy dresses teacher'. Her interior has colored walls in all colors of the rainbow and you will find flowers and dots everywhere. Bilitis also the proud creator of Studio Bieb since 2016. In recent years her company has taken many forms, but now Bilitis focuses on what makes her most happy and happy. Only sell products and drawings that are completely her own.
Her study is Bieb's favorite place; a domain full of craft supplies, color, happy things and her drawing material. She will draw cheerful family drawings, company coloring pages and much more for you there - check out the Studio Bieb portfolio!

💝 Bilitis is a Magic Maker, know what that is? CLICK HERE


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