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Happlify Digital Detox

Happlify Digital Detox

"In the Netherlands we are on our mobile phone on average 34 days a year!" ...34 days! 😱 That is almost 10 days more than a Dutch person has holidays. That's pretty scary isn't it?!

But wait for it... in 2022, the same average Dutch person spent 40 days on social media. 1,5 month lost on ... yes exactly, on what exactly?!

Imagine if you could halve that... How much time would you have left for real connection, more creativity and beautiful memories. Because that's what happens when you're not online. A week less social media already reduces feelings of depression and anxiety. (source: University of Bath | Newcom )

The Digital Detox immediately provides:

  • more peace of mind
  • less stress , anxiety and depression
  • it gives you more time that you can spend on much more important things

For 52 weeks you will receive a detailed weekly email with a clearly explained subject, examples, useful videos, an assignment and practical tips that you can apply immediately and take little time.

Also : RTL news interview and Hart van Nederland interview .

Price €47

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