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Alijt - Alijt Brand-Emmens

Smiles. As far as Alijt is concerned, there may be more of them in this world. A small gesture, giving attention and expressing affection. Those are the things that count for her. And you can see that in her work. Her work also helps her to put a smile on her face. The fact that her illustrations also make someone else smile is an extra gift for Alijt. Alijt's style is cheerful, light, cuddly, funny, awkward, simple and minimalistic.

Alijt can help you with a unique birth announcement, a unique family portrait or any other special project where her illustrations fit perfectly. Also check out her webshop full of incredibly sweet cards with which you also give someone a smile.

💝 Alijt is a Magic Maker, know what that is? CLICK HERE


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