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Get more creative with a journal - 5 tips to get started

  • 3 min read

Start a journal, why should you? There are many reasons to start a handwritten journal, but this is the main reason : it makes you more creative. By writing in a journal , you focus on what you are writing without worrying about what anyone else will think about it. Writing down regularly will improve your thought processes and has been proven to make your way of thinking even more creative. Just like meditation, it is a kind of fitness for your mind. There's no need to pen large chunks of text, and these five tips should help you on your way.

1 - Why do you want to write a diary?

Think about your 'why' first. Do you want peace of mind, are you looking for a way to get rid of your emotions, do you like lists, quotes or keep track of your thoughts? Think carefully about why you would want to start a journal. And remember that everything is allowed and possible. For example, do you need to let your creativity run wild and free up more time for it. Then you can also draw in your diary, doodle or paste collages or make a combination of what you feel like at that moment. This is also known as journaling. 

Why a diary

2 - Determine the topic for your diary

If you choose a topic for your diary, then you have a kind of goal with it and that works very well for some, you keep focus with it. The possibilities are of course endless, but here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Ordinary diary - things that happen and how you feel about it. A diary to keep track of your child's development.
  • Gratitude journal in which you regularly list things you are grateful for. This does a lot of good for your happiness.
  • Training diary to keep track of your sports training and results.
  • Food diary , to help you keep track of a diet.
  • Event diary , where you write down things about parties and dinners you host. For example, keep track of the guests and the menu.
  • Vacation diary for a specific vacation, to record your memories for later with photos and doodles.
  • Pregnancy Diary , for obvious reasons ;-)
  • Creativity diary , where you regularly share something creative.

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3 - A practical diary is… an agenda!

Does a diary feel like a bridge too far after the above summary? Then go for a nice agenda. There are plenty diaries which also offer space for a short scribble every day. There are also so many shapes and sizes of diaries these days. This way you can easily start with a diary. How easy can it be?

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4 - Write as if no one will ever read your diary

One of the best tips for starting a journal is to write like no one will ever read your journal. It really doesn't matter how you write things down, as long as you write them down as they come from within yourself. Your journal is yours, and yours alone. Everything you want can go in it. Keep your diary in a safe place, if the information is sensitive...

5 - Invest in a nice diary

Having a diary itself is of course one of the first steps. Make this a party and search until you find your diary . Because a diary is something that you will probably keep for a long time and a nice copy is also an invitation to use! Whether you prefer large, small, blank, lined, dotted or checkered pages is, of course, entirely a matter of taste.

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💛 Whatever you do, remember that every day writing down three things you are grateful for contributes to your overall happiness. And that alone is worth it, right?!

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