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Be kind to yourself, right now! (9 loving tips)

  • 4 min read

Last week it was Valentine's Day. The day of love. For many people it is the perfect opportunity to give a nice teddy bear, a bunch of flowers or just a beautiful card. Or to finally put down the sweet words that you have wanted to say to your partner, loved one or secret love for a long time. But in this gray month, is it perhaps time to be extra nice to someone else: yourself? I give you 9 loving tips for that.

Be kind to yourself – today and actually always!

These are things you have probably said to others. But are you actually just as sweet and generous towards yourself as towards someone else? Do you also give yourself a day off when you're going through it? Do you ever take extensive time for yourself between the crowds? And do you ever come home with a treat for yourself - just like that and without feeling guilty?

Many people are used to thinking of others first. Is everyone happy? Then so am I! A nice thought, of course, but in practice it doesn't always work that way. Doing something that is good for you is not arrogant, crazy or stupid . It is very necessary to be happy yourself and partly because of this also to be able to make others happy. Because if you don't think about yourself, who will?

9 great things to do for yourself today

That's why I want to invite you to be a little bit nicer to yourself on this day of love. Don't worry, I won't ask you to serenade yourself, but I will ask you to do something small that makes you happy. Simply because you can put yourself in the spotlight.

1. Delete something from your calendar

No, don't cancel the dental appointment you've been dreading for weeks (you'll be fine!). But what you can delete is one of the "musts" that you have unnecessarily imposed on yourself. Give yourself some extra free time today. For example, by postponing your date with the vacuum cleaner for a day or by not feeling obliged to go to the Friday afternoon drink at work. Extra time for yourself is never wrong.

2. Put yourself in the flowers

Literally: by gifting yourself a beautiful bouquet . A cheerful surprise for the table, which you can enjoy for at least a week. And if the florist asks “Is it a present?”, of course you just say “Yes”. A beautifully wrapped gift for yourself!

Tip: you can also easily have this fine bunch with Tony Chocolonely bar delivered to yourself.

3. Make a pride list

It is often very easy to list things about ourselves that we are not satisfied with. But fortunately there is always a positive side: there is still a lot left that you can (justifiably) be proud of. Sit down and make a list. Write down 10 things (Ten? Yes, ten!) that make you proud of yourself right now. Such a list can help you enormously to look at yourself more gently.

4. Take something longer than usual

In a world where we are constantly disturbed by glowing phone screens, sometimes nothing is nicer than living a little slower. So do something a little lower today. For example, take longer to shower instead of rushing into the shower. Or don't quickly put some cream on your face, but make time for a nice evening ritual.

Not everything has to be 'fast, fast'!

5. Cook the stars of heaven (for yourself)

Not only love but also self-love goes through the stomach. So take the time to put together something extra tasty for your plate (and ahead, maybe also that of your partner). Dust out your favorite cookbook, pick out something really tasty and start cooking.

Is it not quite working as you would like? Also don't forget to be kind to yourself. You can always get a pizza!

6. Give yourself something you would never give yourself otherwise

Ho, wait a minute before you race to the store to finally get a new MacBook. Let's start with something small. The super-de-luxe coffee special, for example, which you normally find much too expensive. Or the book that you have been curious about for a long time, but that you had parked to your wish list for the time being.

TIP: Remember to be kind to yourself with this Flow heart pin handmade from sterling silver by BeJoyce. The pin comes with a beautiful gift card. Order it here - €19,50

7. Plan a fun outing

Find a nice short-term outing and gift it to yourself. Do something that you know the prospect of that outing in itself will put a big smile on your face. And possibly invite a friend to join you.

8. Go offline for a while

“Yes, but what if I miss apps and messages?” Don't worry, those messages will come again tomorrow. Turn off your notifications and put your phone far out of reach. Treat yourself to a wonderful offline evening as usual. With time for games, a good book or something else that doesn't require a screen.

9. Go crazy!

A dance across the room, a live playback show in the shower or for all I care you sign up for a course painting rubber ducks. Whatever it is, try one of the fun, wild ideas that popped into your head wonderfully impulsively.

Valentine's Day was a good reason this year to think differently about love and being kind and that goes further than just one day... So don't wring yourself in all sorts of ways to do it well enough for someone else, but also think about what you could do for yourself. You've earned it!

Be kind to yourself

More Happy Author - Romy Veul from Frequently Cheerful
Copywriter, language fanatic, crazy about color and cheerful as often as possible. That's who Romy Veul is in a nutshell. On her blog More Happy , she takes you on a journey through her positive thoughts. This always with a modest dose of humor and nice colorful photos.

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