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Little happiness and even more enjoyment - 7 tips

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Happiness is in the little things. That may have been noted in your poetry album as a little girl. A great lesson, because life becomes a lot more fun when you can enjoy it more. And that can really be something very small. How can you dwell even more on those pleasant moments of enjoyment – ​​even in less pleasant periods? With these 7 tips you can enjoy more. At the moment and also afterwards.

Tip 1 - Make a gratitude journal

gratitude journal

Treat yourself to a nice notebook or journal and write down 3 things (or more!) that you are grateful for every night. That could be things that went well, things that made your day unforgettable or just nice little things that happened to cross your path. Such a diary can help you not just forget those things. It is extra fun to leaf through your diary again at the end of the month and relive all the good moments in your mind.

For example, use this beautiful pink gratitude journal . That makes jotting down grateful things even more fun. 

Tip 2 - Capture it on camera

What could be more fun than encountering lots of happy moments as you scroll through your camera roll? By default, I try to fill my phone with happy snapshots of happy moments, mini happinesses and funny things I've experienced. At least once a week I browse through my photo folders in my phone. Then it's great to see that beautiful bunch of flowers from Monday again or the delicious lunch I spontaneously made for myself on Wednesday. So: capture those moments. 

Do you want to make it something extra special? Then buy an Instax camera . Then you even have your favorite moments in printed form right away. Very nice to give all those Polaroids a place on a garland!

Instax camera lilac

Tip 3 - Put your phone away for once

As handy as a smartphone is, it's not too good for enjoying the moment. If you want to dwell more on the now, it helps enormously to ignore your phone. Don't forget that you need to share your joyful moments on Insta with the rest of the world. Try to be in the now. Stop your phone in your jacket pocket while hiking. Put it on silent if you want to enjoy a date with a friend. And don't forget to turn off your internet at night before going to bed, so you can enjoy an evening without notifications and other ping noises. Nice and undisturbed! 

Do you find it difficult to do without social media, emails and notifications? Then try our Digital Detox ! Get inspired every week in one year to go without your phone more often. It will only make your life more fun (and calmer).

Digital detox

Tip 4 - Take your time

The Body Shop hair mask

Moments of enjoyment become even more enjoyable if you do not always look tensely at your watch. Plan appointments less tightly. Make sure you don't have to go anywhere after a nice outing with your girlfriend. Take plenty of time for a walk instead of rushing through so that you can log in just in the nick of time for your next call. Take an extensive shower in the evening before going to bed; not in the morning when you're just chewing your last bite of bread before work starts. If you give yourself the rest to take it slowly, you will also have a lot more eye for what there is to enjoy. 

PS If you're going for an (extensive!) shower, try this delicious hair mask from The Body Shop . The scent is delightful! 

Tip 5 - Look around you

It sounds so simple: look around and enjoy the little things around you. But it is not so obvious if you are used to focus on the ground or keep the pace well. Try not to let your mind wander to your to-do list, your phone, or your worries about tomorrow while taking a walk. Instead, look around you very consciously. Keep your attention on the flowers that bloom, the butterfly that flies by or your cute neighbor who is laughing on her bike. If you focus your gaze more outwards, you will automatically spot more moments of enjoyment.

Tip 6 - Must do less, may do more

All those must-haves that fill our days can take a lot of pleasure away from you. And the trick is that many of those things don't necessarily “should” at all. We often expect these things from ourselves, but to be honest it could also be another time. Take a critical look at what you've got planned and ask yourself if there's really a man overboard if you don't succeed (probably not!). Instead, see what you need right now. Calling someone? Take a break? Hanging out on the couch or putting on masks? Don't think "Can't!", but consciously allow yourself something like this. As soon as you allow yourself those moments of enjoyment, you can enjoy them more. 

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This way you can create a moment for yourself! - 7 tips

Tip 7 - Schedule alone time

Rice high summer 21

Speaking of the moment for yourself... Some things are best enjoyed with attention when you experience them alone. That's why alone time is sometimes worth gold. Sometimes take the time to do something alone. Walking alone, doing yoga alone, shopping alone or cooking yourself something delicious. You can then do it exactly the way you want, with all the time you need and with only attention to what you are doing now. The recipe for a moment of enjoyment!

Have a cup of coffee or tea with yourself? You do that at its happiest with these beautiful cups from Rice, now available at Happlify crew member Madame la Poule - from €19.90

Bonus tip - Piper

Tell me, what was your last moment of enjoyment?

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Author - Romy Veul from Frequently Cheerful
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