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Do good app: lend your eyes out via the Be My Eyes app

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You are in the kitchen, ready to make a delicious Thai coconut soup. The pan is in front of you, you open the kitchen cupboard and there are three cans with exactly the same shape. If you're blind, you may well have come this far. But until that moment you have no idea which can the coconut milk is, let alone what the best before date is. A few years ago you were always dependent on your one nice neighbor (if one already exists and how many times can you ring the bell in one day...) or friends and family via Skype. But with the Be My Eyes app, that is no longer necessary.

Because with this handy app you lend your eyes to people who are blind. This allows you to volunteer to help people with disabilities. Be My Eyes makes that very accessible without it costing you a lot of time.

Blind people use their smartphone camera to show you something. You watch and answer questions. For example, what is on the label of a can, what can be seen in a photo, what color a garment is and so on.

As soon as someone asks for help via the app, several volunteers receive a message. The first to respond is connected to the person requesting help. In this way, the requester does not have to wait long.

Happy technology

What a great way to simply help someone else, right?! 'Little effort great pleasure' is an understatement.

Currently there are almost 3.5 million volunteers registered who are ready for more than 180,000 blind and visually impaired *faith in humanity restored* If you register yourself, it will take a while before you receive your first aid question and if you read the reviews, a question per month is currently the norm.

Kabener writes: "Nice to be able to help in this way - Already a sighted person it is nice that you can help someone who is blind or partially sighted in this way so easily. The idea is so simple but for a blind or partially sighted person it can be a very valuable helpline. I'm glad I have it on my phone and in this way can contribute to a social society!"

Tell me, are you going to install the Be My Eyes app too?

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